Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction and Definition of Terms
Lesson 2: Drawing A Doll
Lesson 3: Creating Templates
Lesson 4: Outfits, Tabs, and Themes
Lesson 5: Alternate Transfer Methods - Photocopy
Lesson 6: Alternate Transfer Methods - Carbon Paper
Lesson 7: Alternate Transfer Methods - Charcoal
Lesson 8: Working with Colored Pencil 
Lesson 9: Colored Pencil on Smooth Paper
Lesson 10: Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper
Lesson 11: Introduction to Watercolors
Lesson 12: Watercolors 1
Lesson 13: Watercolors 2
Lesson 14: Introduction to Digital Media
Lesson 15: Using Photoshop to Digitally Color a Doll
Lesson 16: Photoshop: Shadows and Highlights
Lesson 17: Photoshop: Working with Patterns and Textures
Lesson 18: Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 19: Introduction to Illustrator
Lesson 20: Tracing a Doll in Illustrator
Lesson 21: More on Illustrator
Lesson 22: Combining Digital and Traditional Media, Part 1
Lesson 23: Combining Digital and Traditional Media, Part 2
Lesson 24: Illustrator - Gradients and Patterns
Lesson 25: Introduction to Self-Publishing
Lesson 26: Self-Publishing - Setting Up Files
Lesson 27: Self-Publishing - Creating Covers and Uploading Files
Lesson 28: Hand-Drawn Seamless Patterns Using Photoshop
Lesson 29: Creating Versatile Clothing Templates
Lesson 31: Little-Known Tricks: Eraser Tool in Illustrator
Lesson 32: Little-Known Tricks: The Warp Tool in Photoshop
Lesson 33: Poses and References
Lesson 34: (More) Working with Watercolors
Lesson 35: Using Paper Textures in Photoshop and Illustrator
Lesson 36: Working With Corel Painter: Part 1
Lesson 37: Working With Corel Painter: Part 2
Lesson 38: Working With Crayon (or, a lesson in failure!!)
Lesson 39: Tips and Troubleshooting
Lesson 40: Creating A Stencil Doll
Lesson 41: Creating Stencil Outfits
Lesson 42: Acrylic Paints
Lesson 43: Painting a Doll in Acrylics
Lesson 44: The Basics of Anatomy
Lesson 45: An Introduction to Graphite Pencils
Lesson 46: Shading a Doll in Pencil
Lesson 47: Coloring a Pencil Sketch in Photoshop
Lesson 48: Making Curly Hair in Illustrator
Lesson 49: Painting Curly/Wavy Hair in Watercolors
Lesson 50: Basics of Shading
Lesson 51: Felt Paper Dolls, Part 1
Lesson 52: Felt Paper Dolls, Part 2
Lesson 53: Illustrator Overview with Friday Fashion Paper Doll
Lesson 54: Elements of Art - Line
Lesson 55: Elements of Art - Shape
Lesson 56: Elements of Art - Form
Lesson 57: Elements of Art - Tone
Lesson 58: Elements of Art - Texture
Lesson 59: Elements of Art - Color
Lesson 60: Inking with Illustrator
Lesson 61: Coloring in Sketchbook Pro Mobile
Lesson 62: Wicked Women Walk-Through Introduction
Lesson 63: Wicked Women - Preparing Drawings in Photoshop
Lesson 64: Wicked Women - Adding Patterns in Photoshop
Lesson 65: Wicked Women - Tracing to Final Paper
Lesson 66: Wicked Women - Painting in Watercolors
Lesson 67: Wicked Women - More Painting in Watercolors
Lesson 68: Wicked Women - Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 69: Wicked Women - More Editing in Photoshop
Lesson 70: Wicked Women - Preparing the Files for Print 
Lesson 71: From Sketch to Vector Part 1
Lesson 72: From Sketch to Vector Part 2
Lesson 73: From Sketch to Vector Part 3
Lesson 74: Quikie Tutorial - Creating Stripes and Plaid in Photoshop
Lesson 75: Line Art using Photoshop and Illustrator

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  1. I LOVE your blog. It is the one of the top sites about creating paper dolls. There is so much information here.